The Ultimate Table Top Fire Pit

Whether it's in the backcountry, your patio, or backyard, our Bonfire Candle is the ultimate fire pit for all your adventures.

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What makes our Bonfires so great?

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in the backcountry

on your patio

I received one as a gift. I look forward to trying it on my next bushcraft trips or alpine backpacking trips.

Eric Harper, 40

These are the coolest candles I've ever seen!

Armaan Xavier, 14

I love how easy it is to start and to put out. This is a much safer way to enjoy a fire in the outdoors.

Malik Sayadi, 25

Giving Back

Forest Fire Prevention

Backcountry Bonfires is building a wilderness community focused on a love of enjoying & preserving nature. For us, that starts with incorporating philanthropy into our DNA from Day 1.

For us it's simple, we love the outdoors and we love fire. What we don't love, is that up to 80% of forest fires in North America are started by human related activities. Along with educating our community, we are donating a portion of profits from every unit sold to various forest fire prevention & management initiatives.

If there's an initiative that you would like us to donate to please reach out and we'd love to hear you out. Let's keep our backcountry, parks, and campsites pristine for future generations.