Can I use my Bonfire Candle™ indoors?

No, our products are meant for outdoor use only.

Can I use my Bonfire Candle™ to cook?

Our products were not intended for cooking. However, we use non-toxic materials that are safe to cook over.

How do I extinguish the Bonfire Candle™?

Simply put the lid on top of the candle to extinguish. Let cool for 5 to 10 minutes before touching or moving. Do not use water extinguish your candle, it will react with the hot wax.

What are the Bonfire Candles™ made out of?

The wicks are made from post-consumer recycled pressed paper and we use a non-toxic soy wax. The tins are recyclable and made from aluminium.

How long does a Bonfire Candle™ last?

Depending on conditions, each candle lasts 3 to 4 hours long.

How hot does a Bonfire Candle™ get?

This is a real fire. Both the tin and the wax inside get VERY hot.

Where do you donate too?

We donate to various charities and organizations that support forest fire prevention and forest management.