Safety & Instructions

Please read entire document before using any Backcountry Bonfire products.

Bonfire Candles:

How to use:

Before using any of our products ensure that you are in a safe OUTDOOR environment away from small children or pets. Place your Backcountry Bonfire in a safe place. We recommend placing them in a fire-pit. All of our products are for outdoor use only. Never expose your Bonfire to water when lit.

Remove the lid and use a lighter to ignite the wick. Backcountry Bonfires recommends using the Turbo Torch lighters for sale on our website. Standard BBQ lighters work well, also.

While lit, the tin and it's contents will get VERY hot. Do not touch the tin or attempt to move it with your hands. Once lit, leave the tin in it's spot until you are ready to extinguish.

Allow your candle to burn for at least 20 minutes. You are able to extinguish and re-light your candle, however this may result in small sparks coming from the wick. Be prepared for this and plan accordingly.

To extinguish the flame, simply place the lid on top. This will remove all oxygen to the flame and eliminate it. Let the tin sit for 5-10 minutes and allow it to become cool to touch before attempting to move your tin.

Never use water to extinguish your flame. It will react with the hot wax inside the tin.


Use at your own risk, this is a real fire. Adult use only.

Be careful while lighting your candle, only use a Backcountry Bonfire recommended lighter.

Be careful while candles are lit, the tin will get VERY hot. Do not touch or attempt to move the tin while it is lit. Let all participants know not to touch or move the tin.

Do NOT use water to extinguish your flame. The water will react with the hot wax. Place your lid back on top of the candle to extinguish.

Let your candle sit for 5-10 minutes before attempting to move.

We do not recommend cooking over any of our candles except for in emergency situations.

Keep away from pets and small children.


Our wicks are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Our wax is an organic and food-grade soy wax. The tins are aluminium and can be recycled.


After an item is purchased from Backcountry Bonfires, all liability falls on the user for any incidents, accidents, damages or injuries that occur as a result of using any Backcountry Bonfire products.